Tiruchirappalli also known as Tiruchy holds a pride place in the map of Tamil Nadu. Reading the ancient history of Trichy is a thrill and visiting the place is a thriller . A blend of ancient and modern culture, the city stands on the banks of river Cauvery, the main land mark of Tiruchy for National Highways tourists. Pilgrim spots and picnic spots in and around Tiruchy attract tourists from all over the world. The pilgrim's progress in Tiruchy is deeply rooted in devotion, legend and mythology. Pilgrimage tourism to Tiruchy is not bound by caste ,creed or colour. Travelling makes a person enjoyable and educative. Making one's travel memorable and comfortable to such places by your stay at our Service Apartments is mutual. Coming on a pilgrimage to this Rock Town may be considered as a life-time achievement!

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